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stpsoft Requirements Definer for VS ALM


stpsoft Requirements Definer for Microsoft® Visual Studio® ALM

Transform Visio diagrams into a set of structured requirements, user stories and test cases in Team Foundation Server





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stpsoft Requirements Definer for VS ALMstpsoft Storyboarding for VS ALMVisual Studio Team Foundation Server

Requirements Definer for Microsoft Visual Studio® ALM is a requirements definition tool for software engineering and system engineering projects that have adopted Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 or 2008. The tool transforms Visio diagrams in to a set of structured requirements and generates detailed test cases based on the requirements. The tool can be used with any Visio template or free-format drawing, and Visio templates for 'Scrum' and 'MSF for Agile Software Development' are provided out-of-the-box. The tool is equally suited to defining requirements for application software, mobile applications and advanced systems comprising embedded software. The tool can be used standalone or integrated with other stpsoft requirements tools for Microsoft Visual Studio® ALM.

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The product ROI is realised through reducing the errors and time taken by analysts and engineers to:

• learn a new tool (Definer is based on the popular Visio drawing tool)
• digest, interpret and organise workshop notes and diagrams
• define and elaborate requirements / user stories for the current iteration / sprint
• produce professional PowerPoint slides to present the requirements at the start of each iteration / sprint
• produce specifications with a coherent narrative for the current iteration / sprint
• produce requirement work items in TFS (such as user stories and product backlog items)
• generate test cases in TFS with detailed test steps
• organise the information architecture in TFS so that work item relationships are fully traceable
• leverage current Visio assets to retrospectively document an existing system
• leverage current Visio assets to kick-start the requirements for a new system

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Pricing Information

•  The product is licensed per user per machine.
•  All prices exclude taxes and any imports/customs duties.
•  The license fee includes point software updates (i.e. v2.1 to v2.2 is included, but v2.4 to v3.0 is not included).

  Cost per User Licence

US Dollars



  1 - 4 Licences

$ 460

€ 350

£ 290

  5 - 9 Licences

$ 430

€ 325

£ 270

  10 - 19 Licences

$ 400

€ 300

£ 250

  20 or more Licences

$ 340

€ 250

£ 210

Key Features

Intuitive and User Friendly

Team System Process Integration

On-line Collaboration and Off-line Working

Requirements Definition

Requirements Work Item Generation

Test Case Generation

Document Generation

Traceability Diagrams

Intuitive and User Friendly

The tool is based on Microsoft® Visio and does not require any formal training. The tool can be used with any Visio template, stencil and clipart, enabling you to use the most appropriate diagramming or modelling technique for the task. Documentation is generated in Microsoft Word® format and work items are published to Team Foundation Server.

Team System Process Integration

The tool seamlessly integrates with Team System process templates, providing full work item tracking for project management. Visio documents and Word outputs can be published to the project portal on Microsoft SharePoint®. Further information on Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server is available at the Microsoft® Team Foundation Server site.

On-line Collaboration and Off-line Working

Team members can collaborate on-line through a shared Visio document workspace. The tool also supports off-line working, making it an ideal tool for on-site and off-site requirements workshops.

Requirements Definition

Requirements can be defined visually using any Visio template, stencil or clipart, allowing you to use the most appropriate diagramming technique for the task. For example, early brainstorming sessions could produce a high-level rich picture, whereas detailed requirements workshops could produce a business process model, function flow block diagram or use case diagram. Visio templates for 'Scrum' and 'MSF for Agile Software Development' are provided out-of-the-box to support the definition of user stories and product backlog items.

Requirements Work Item Generation

Shapes in the Visio diagram can be marked up as requirements and published to Team Foundation Server as work items. Work item links are generated based on the connections between shapes in the Visio diagram.

Test Case Generation

Test cases are generated for shapes marked up with child requirements. Detailed test cases are also generated for shapes elaborated using a process flow diagram, with a separate test case generated for each path through the flow diagram. 'Tested By' links are added between the requirement work items and their test cases.

Document Generation

Specifications are generated in Microsoft® Word format. New versions of the Word specification can be generated after changes have been made to the Visio diagram, with the changes highlighted in the specification document. Professional presentations of the requirements are generated in Microsoft® PowerPoint format. Specifications and presentations can be customized through the use of custom Word and PowerPoint templates. Specifications and presentations can be generated for all of the requirements in the Visio document, or for a particular iteration / sprint.

Traceability Diagrams

Traceability diagrams can be generated for work items in Team Foundation Server, showing the forwards, backwards and related traceability to other work items and test cases.

System Requirements

MS WinXP Pro or MS Windows Server2003 or MS Windows Vista or MS Windows 7, MS Visio 2010 (32-bit), MS Word 2010 (32-bit), MS PowerPoint 2010 (32-bit), Adobe Reader 6 (or above), Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010 or 2012 and network access with permissions to a Team Foundation Server (2008 or above).







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