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GUI Storyboarding and Prototyping


stpsoft StoryboardingTM

Visually define and validate user requirements with Microsoft Visio® and generate storyboards, specifications and slides






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Customer Quotes


Business Development Manager, Nationwide Building Society


"We have been using Storyboarding to manage projects in our internet development department. While it always looked good, we started with a few licences for proof of concept. It quickly proved its worth and we purchased a site licence to maximise the benefits. There is no question that this has knocked hundreds of man hours off projects already. It has improved communication, efficiency and lead to a much better final product as people can visualise, play and refine the solution right from the start. I've yet to meet anyone who is not hugely impressed by this software."


Project Manager, Deutsche Bank


"A very useful tool for software specification and design that lets our BA's provide unambiguous, visually orientated documentation to both project sponsors and IT developers."

Thank you for your interest in our product.

stpsoft Storyboarding is a Microsoft Visio® based requirements definition tool to visually elaborate and validate requirements with business users UI storyboarding. The tool generates HTML storyboards, screen flow diagrams, reader friendly specifications, data dictionaries and slides.

The tool includes Visio stencils for desktop, web, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Surface applications. You can also create your own custom dialogs and UI components.

   Winner 17th Jolt Product Excellence Award

The Community Edition of Storyboarding is free. Click Here to download.

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Key Benefits
• GUI storyboards help business users to identify issues and gaps early, minimising the cost of rework.
• Standardising the capture, validation and documentation of requirements results in fewer errors and omissions.
• Generating UI specs, data dictionaries and slides saves hundreds of man hours.
• Reader friendly documentation and storyboards help to bridge the gap between users and developers.
• Minimal learning curve for users of Microsoft® Office products.
• A separate version that integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio® ALM is also available.

Contact Details
• For Sales and General Enquiries please email
• For Support please email

Pricing Information

•  The product is licensed per user per machine.
•  All prices exclude taxes and any imports/customs duties.
•  The license fee includes point software updates (i.e. v6.2 to v6.3 is included, but v6.4 to v7.0 is not included).

  Cost per User Licence

US Dollars



  1 - 4 Licences

$ 460

€ 350

£ 290

  5 - 9 Licences

$ 430

€ 325

£ 270

  10 - 19 Licences

$ 400

€ 300

£ 250

  20 or more Licences

$ 340

€ 250

£ 210

System Requirements
MS Internet Explorer 8 (or above), MS WinXP Pro (or above) or MS Windows Server2003 or MS Windows Vista or MS Windows 7 or MS Windows 8, MS Visio 2010, MS Word 2010, MS Excel 2010 and MS PowerPoint 2010.

Other Information
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